Metro Drum School Teaching Method

The Drum Germs teaching method taught at the Metro Drum School was developed by master drummer Gary Lefrancois, and is based on the drum instruction of legendary drum educators such as Murray Spivack, Sanford Moeller, and George Stone. "The Lefrancois Method" takes drumset instruction further by incorporating modern techniques and drum education ideas evolved by drum educator Freddie Gruber, with whom Gary studied.

Based on relaxed, natural body motion and an emphasis on the "open style" Moeller method, the method is designed for both snare drum and drum kit instruction. While primarily taught in-studio, the method is available from the Metro Drum School as a drum lesson series, Drum Germs Method Books:

  • Rock Germs
    A fun and creative way to learn rock beats
  • Jazz Germs
    A format for developing hand and foot cordination and independence in jazz and related music forms
  • Odd Meter Germs
    A primer on playing in non 4/4 time
  • Snare I and II
    Advanced studies in snare drum concepts


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$18.99 drum instruction videos